Most people know that investing in the stock market, the forex market, and the commodities markets can be a great way to make some money – if you’re willing to take some risks. However, the complexity and high cost of entry can intimidate a lot of people into staying out of these lucrative markets.

That’s where comes in. At BetOnMarkets, you’re able to bet on currencies, stocks, commodities and much more, without getting into the technicalities and terminology that make the financial world seem so inaccessible to most people. Best of all, you can make bets as small as $1, meaning you don’t have to be a serious investor to give a try. covers all of the major markets. You can place wagers on all of the leading currency pairs on the FOREX market, betting on the movements of the US Dollar, Euro, Great British Pound, and many more of the world’s top currencies. If you think you can predict how the commodities market will react to the latest news, you can bet on whether gold, oil, silver or other commodities will move up or down. You can even bet on individual stocks, or entire stock indices. There are even random markets you can bet on, where a number of stocks or other products will be chosen at random, and you can predict whether they will rise or fall!

One of the coolest things about BetOnMarket is just how much flexibility you have in the bets you want to make. If you like fast action, you can bet on whether the Euro will rise or fall against the Yen over the next 30 seconds. Prefer to take a longer term approach to your betting? You can predict whether the S&P 500 will be higher or lower a year from now. Anything from instantaneous results to long term futures bets are possible at also gives you plenty of freedom in terms of bet sizing. If you’re just interested in having a little fun to test your knowledge of the stock market, you can make bets for as little as $1. But BetOnMarkets is great for serious investors, too; you can wager up to $5,000 on a single bet, enough to make playing the market interesting to just about anyone.

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